Happy B'Day C.C.S.S

Among schools the C.C.S.S remains the premier comprehensive secondary school on the island. Established since 1974, the school has survived the challenges and threats of the past

years and has likewise profitably capitalized on the opportunities of its dynamic environment. C.C.S.S was donated by the Canadian Government in an attempt to meet the demands for equality education in the academic, technical and vocational spheres. Our colours the red, black and white are a testimony to our gratitude to the Canadian government for their sacrifice.

The building though scarred from the challenges of the past 43 years still stands strong along the Vide Boutielle highway almost in the buzz of the city and is very easily accessible. It boasts an accomodation of approximately 800 students. Both students and teachers are enthusiastically engaged in meeting annual goals of the school and living up to its motto - LOOK TO THIS DAY!

Through the years the C.C.S.S has been the market leader - setting trends in education and is prominent as one of the most outstanding. Its records attest to its unmatched success in cultivating well rounded students highly adaptive and creative in their approach. Critical thinkers that are still able to show the needed sensitivity to the needs of the less fortunate or underpriviledge. Graduates of the school dominate a large percentage of the active St.Lucian workforce and make valuable contributions to their world environment.

We take this opportunity to celebrate, to reflect and forge onward. Our present pupils will share an invisible tie to those who have gone on before them (graduates of the past years) and indeed those who will follow. This institution nurtures all its students and is adaptive to the times looking beyond its borders to accept diversity. It continues to excel not only academically but in the co-curricular and sporting avenues as well. I wish C.C.S.S the very best today and for the years to come. Congratulations to all who have been and is part of the C.C.S.S team. Happy Anniversary C.C.S.S