Mathematics Month

This year's Mathematics Month is observed under the theme "The Arts and Mathematics: Exploring your creative Potential". We recognise this theme as significant, as it affords us the opportunity to bridge the gap between the subject areas which are considered to be the "Arts" and Mathematics at the school. 

Our school, which offers a variety of subjects including Visual Arts, Culinary Arts, Music, Literature and Clothing and Textiles. Although it may not be overtly obvious, there is a deep connection between these areas. Our activities for this year's Mathematics Month will focus on highlighting the connection between these areas.

  • In Visual Arts: Students will create an art piece, model or sculpture which focuses on a specific area of Mathematics for example: The Golden Ratio, Tessellations, Cubism and Perspective Drawings. 
  • In Food and Nutrition:  Student will engage in a TOP CHEF competition. The competition will focus on cooking a three course meal where the students focuses on the elements of Mathematics from the preparation to presentation of food.
  • In Clothing and Textiles: Students will engage in Fashion Show where students will highlight elements of Mathematics involved in fashion design.
  • In Music: Students will engage in the third annual Mathematics Soca Competition where they use a Soca song to teach a concept in Mathematics.