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The Castries Comprehensive Secondary School was formally handed over to the Government and people of St. Lucia from the Government and people of Canada on March 31st, 1974. At a request of the Right Honourable John Compton (Chief Minister of St Lucia), in 1967 to the then Prime Minister of Canada, Hon. Pierre Trudeau. Receiving on behalf of St. Lucia was the Honourable Premier John M. Compton, with His Excellency Lawrence Smith (Canadian High Commissioner in Barbados) who acted on behalf of the Government of Canada.


Other guests present at the ceremony which was chaired by the Acting C.E.O. Mr. George Delmede, were His Excellency the Governor, the late Sir Ira Marcus Simmons and Lady Simmons, the Prefect of Guadeloupe and party, Members of the St. Lucia House of Assembly, Mr. R. Purdie and party, leading members of the Civil Service and Educators, Chairmen of Statutory bodies and commissions, parents and friends of the 473 students.


The Principal of the Morne Technical College made the symbolic key and gifts to the High Commissioner.


The Honourable Minister of Education, Mr. A. Bousquet, the Honourable Premier Mr John M. Compton, His Excellency Mr Lawrence Smith, and the then Hon. Lawrence Laurent on behalf of the school administration gave speeches.


Accordingly to the first principal, Mr Michael Bevan arrived in September 1973 and the first term commenced on April 29th, 1974 with Mr. Michael R. Bevan of C.I.D.A. its first Principal, Mr. Robert Lukovski its first Vice Principal in February 1974 and Shop Director, four (4) C.I.D.A. appointed Technical teachers and fifteen (15) locally appointed members of staff. Miss Lawrence Laurent was on special assignment to assist the Principal in setting up the school. Canadian (CIDA) staff contracts expired in 1976 and consequently, a number of them returned home. They were replaced by a number of local tutors and in other cases by Canadians like Miss Constance Ellis, Miss Maureen Lawrence in the Business Department and Mr Roberts Gornell as Shop Director. The Canadian Government ceased staffing CCSS with Canadian teachers in 1978.




The crest depicts the effulgent rays of the rising sun bursting forth in all its splendour of glory. The sun, reminds us of its importance and link with the passage of time within a 24 hour period. The sun served the purpose of drawing attention to the specific moment, or the specific day, as a ‘moment’ in eternity. The important of the specific moment – ‘now’ or the specific days lies in the fact that the moment (which in its totality constitutes a day) offers a window of opportunity to achieve, excel and grow.


The symbol of the rising sun on the school’s crest sun on the school’s crest is meant to draw attention to the need to recognise the importance of ‘today’ as representing a new beginning. To live TODAY to the fullest, however, requires that one should discipline one’s mind, in order to make full use of the experiences and opportunities which present themselves TODAY.


Look To This Day


Welcome to the premier Comprehensive Secondary School on the island. On behalf of our extraordinary faculty and students, it gives me great pleasure to welcome our students, parents and community members to the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS) to the school's website.

The entire staff looks forward to a year where students experience challenging and rewarding academics, exciting extracurricular activities and engaging social events.

Our school is about building rigorous and relevant academic tradition. Our motto. "LOOK TO THIS DAY" exemplifies our commitment to seeing each new dawn as an opportunity to achieve more in everything that we do.