About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School is to maintain and sustain our leadership position in the provision of a combination of academic, technical and vocational education within the context of a conducive and stimulating environment, characterized by harmonious and collaborative relationship among all stakeholders bonded by a desire to achieve and reward excellence.

Our Philosophy

Students should therefore be able to master the skills of communication and such other skills as are necessary for the processes of enquiry. Students should become familiar with methods of analysis of problems and of finding solutions. They must engage in research, activities and employ critical thinking in redefining and reconstructing knowledge to suit their needs and their local community. 

They must develop pride and appreciation for St.Lucia and things St.Lucian with the broader contexts of regional and international framework. It is also expected that students at the school will learn the basic life and usable skills to enable to earn their living to take responsibilities as adults in the St.Lucian community.

School's Pledge

As a student of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School, I love and respect my creator. I promise to obey and abide by the rules that govern my school. To respect myself and others especially those in authority over me. To respect public and private properties. To keep my surroundings clean and in good  condition. And to work diligently for the upliftment of myself, school and country. 


The provision of a broad curriculum and opportunities to participate in co-curricular and extra curricular activities should promote the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual well-being of each individual and should enable him/her to:

  1. Develop strong and healthy bodied through participation in physical education, games, sports and other activities;
  2. Develop habits of self-discipline, self-confidence and self-reliance so that he/she can successfully cope with life's challenges;
  3. Cultivate moral and ethical values as part of character development.
  4. Develop the habit of critical thinking and inventiveness in the solution of problems;
  5. Acquire knowledge, skills, in the arts, the scientific and technical/vocational fields and so to develop economic and competences to earn their living;
  6. Develop strong consciousness of the value of time and its implications to work and progress;
  7. Cultivate aesthetic values, appreciation and respect for persons, property and the state;
  8. Participate in decision-making processes and simultaneously show respect for differing points of view;
  9. Understand the importance of law and order, cultivate habits and skills of good citizenship;




Marva Daniel


Vice Principal