Please note that all persons entering the compound MUST wear a mask and be properly attired.


Our priority as a department is to foster a love for language learning. We also seek to maintain or stimulate our students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in the chosen language.

It is also part of our vision that all our pupils develop the ability to use FRENCH and SPANISH effectively in their reading and writing and that they are aware of the endless possibilities that await them.

Our department shares this vision and encourages the students to study foreign languages at a higher level.

Our teachers work tirelessly to inspire students to appreciate the cultural and economical value of Spanish and French in today’s world.

The Modern Language Department is a caring department where the students are warmly received and encouraged to use the languages effectively and confidently and we strive to raise the awareness of the benefits of learning and using the languages outside the classroom.

We firmly believe that for this to best achieved the students must work and give their best at all times.